NUKU: Stories of 100 Indigenous Woman

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NUKU: Stories of 100 Indigenous Women is a powerful and important snapshot of Indigenous wāhine today. Through wide-ranging voices this ambitious social documentary allows readers to obtain authentic insight into life as an Indigenous woman in a way like never before.

The stories recorded here are of incredible wāhine. Each offer significance to the story of mana wāhine. From Oscar-nominated filmmakers and award-winning musicians, to scientists, entrepreneurs, tribal leaders, artists, environmental champions, knowledge holders, mothers and more. The youngest wahine is 14, the eldest is in her mid-70s, and their locations span both North and South Islands and across to Rēkohu (Chatham Islands). The majority are wāhine Māori, with wāhine Moriori, Pasifika, Melanesian, Wijadjuri, Himalayan and Mexican also included.

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