Tane Mahuta - Frankincense & Murrh

Tane Mahuta Tin: Tane Mahuta Medium Jar
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Description - Tāne Mahuta - God of the Forest

Tāne Mahuta is our God of the Forest and son of Papatūānuku and Rangi-nui.

Tāne is a symbol of great spiritual significance.

In Māori stories, he separated the earth and sky and created Te Ao Mārama - World of life and light.

Sometimes you don’t need to be rich to live an abundant life, but rather your inner sense of pleasure and accomplishment that is unique to you.

 Dosed in the lush scent of Frankincense and myrrh, our Tāne Mahuta candle fills your kete (bag) with prosperity to attract an abundant life of your dreams!

Stand out from the crowd and live your life by your design.

Remember that the thoughts you manifest, is what you get back and creates your reality! Showing gratitude for what you do have, attracts more abundance ten fold.

 "Toitū te marae a Tāne-Mahuta, Toitū te marae a Tangaroa, Toitū te tangata"

If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive.

 Take a few deep breaths and repeat this affirmation as many times as needed

“I attract abundance”

“I am the beat to my own drum”

SCENT: Frankincense and myrrh 

Top notes: Ginger Root, Bergamot

Mid notes: Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Ylang Ylang

Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Musk


CRYSTAL CHIPS (In all vessels)

Bloodstone protector, healer, and talisman to hold tight throughout life – no one can deny the strength of Bloodstone’s beautiful properties. With a hearty dose of courage and wisdom that unblocks the chakras so you can be in full and harmonious flow.

Bloodstone healing is all about boosting strength, courage, and resilience. It helps by rooting you in and making you feel completely safe and unswayable in your own skin

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