Tamanuiterā Long Sleeve

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Kōrerotia ngā pūrākau ki a tātou Tamariki

Through sharing these stories enable a child's Māori world view.

Our onesies provide a snug and comfortable fit for our Pēpi



Maui, the sun, time and calendars.
Maui saw the suns movements were erratic and irregular. Mankind could not flourish. With his magic jaw bone and ropes. He caught the sun slowing its travel allowing us all to organize our lives.
Maui was a Scientist, a navigator a finder of lands an inovator. He knew the earths life rhythms in accordance with celestial and environmental markers. Sun, Stars Winds and Wild Life. The sacred jaw bone representative of the sources of traditional science's. The elders who had handed down the knowledge verbally through the generations to Maui. He organized time through calendering our lives in accordance with the earths cycles.
Maui slowed the sun or did he organize time and develop a calendar.
Maui did both of course. Behind each korero are truths waiting to be rediscoverd -Patrick Mohi

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