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Tangaroa Tin: Tangaroa Tin
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Description -Tangaroa - God of the Sea 

Māori believe that water is an energy, with many moods. It can be calm and life-giving, or dangerous and destructive. This energy is called Tangaroa – ‘god of the sea. Son of Papatūānuku and Rangi-nui.

Ngangara (negative energies) can be manifested as negative thoughts that we hold on to and feed with emotions like fear, doubt, anger, hatred, and jealousy.

Often ngangara are deep-seated painful emotions residing in the puku riri, lower abdomen. If this is left for too long, this can manifest into dis-ease.

Our Tangaroa candle infused with Pomegranate & sage, cleanses and neutralises the ngangara and re-balances the whai-ora (Māori, dreams, visions, intuition) in a holistic sense making the body, mind, and spirit noa (normal) again.

The point of power is always in the present moment..

"Toitū te marae a Tāne-Mahuta, Toitū te marae a Tangaroa, Toitū te tangata"

If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive.

Take a few deep breaths and repeat this affirmation as many times as needed

“I choose to be positive”

“My past does not define me”

SCENT: Pomegranate & sage 

Top notes: Pomegranate, Cassis

Mid notes: Rhubarb, Sage, Acai Berry

Base notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Oakmoss 


CRYSTAL CHIPS(In all vessels):

Green Aventurine is a heart chakra clearer. It helps you to clear out those blockages that may have been holding you back. It stops you getting stuck in the old beliefs with trust issues, and it encourages you to find strength and space and courage when it comes to what you let in and what you let go off. When the heart chakra has regained its flow it means that we are better equipped to move with the changes that naturally occur in life and to embrace these cycles as simply being a part of our journey.

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